Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where/When will the festival be held if it rains?
A  Winchell Elementary is our rain date location. The festival will still start at Noon.
We will post details on our website and facebook page if weather forces us to have the Festival indoors instead of at Bronson Park.

Q Is there electricity available for my activity?
A  There are some electrical outlets available at Bronson Park. You will need to bring your own extension cord(s).

Q Should I bring my own sign for my organization/activity?
A  We recommend that you bring your own sign for your organization. That way you can provide the correct information.

Q Who is required to pay a fee for a table at the festival?
A A fee/donation is charged to those organizations/vendors who are selling items at the festival. The fee is to offset the cost of table/chair rentals, delivery and pickup. Non-profit organizations are not required to pay a fee.

Q Are tablecloths provided?
A No. You are welcome to provide your own tablecloth.

Q Is there a place to display artwork?
A Tables (8 foot) and chairs are provided by Peace Pizzazz, but you may bring display boards or other equipment as needed.

Q Is there shade?
A Shade is limited at the park. You may feel free to bring patio umbrella’s or other equipment to provide shade for you at your table or space.

Q How many children/adults should I expect to see at the Festival so that I have enough hand-out materials?
A Usually 300-400 throughout the day

Q What do I do when I arrive at the Festival Location?
A  Look for Peace Pizzazz committee members (wearing Peace Pizzazz t-shirts). They will help you.

Q Other than tables is there anything else provided by Peace Pizzazz?
A  2 chairs are provided for each table. You should plan on bringing anything else you will need for your display.

Q Who should I contact with questions prior to or on the day of the Festival?
A  Please check our Contact Us page.