“Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

The Golden Rule

The Peace Pizzazz Program can be adapted to fit any youth group involved with any activity, from poetry writing to group sports. It only needs leaders that will live, and teach to live, abiding to the Golden Rule.

We’ll provide the books to get you started and some basic curriculum and ideas for projects. We will even assign you a mentor to answer questions and to help you bring peace to your children.


The first step is to attend a Peace Pizzazz introductory meeting. You will meet committee members and youth leaders that are engaged in supporting and teaching the program.

There is an overview of the program and the results to expect. If you decide to add the Peace Pizzazz program to what you are currently teaching we ask that you sign an agreement to teach the curriculum and we will provide you with the materials to get you started.


We provide free books and lesson plans to get you started. We hold free monthly meetings which allow you an opportunity to discuss your progress and hurdles with others that share your endeavor. Please contact us for more information.

Free Books

If you agree to teach the Golden Rule to your youth as part of your regular curriculum we will provide you with one or more books to get you started. We choose different books each year, and each year that you commit to teach, we will provide you with the books for free.



We will also provide you with a standard curriculum to get your feet wet. However, modeling the Golden Rule is one of the best forms of teaching it.


Using real life situations and holding impromptu discussions to demonstrate how to treat others the way they wish to be treated is one of the foundations of the program.

You may also want to create various lessons involving art, song, dance etc. that ties the project into the teachings.


The annual Peace Pizzazz festival is an opportunity for the children to display the peace projects that they have worked on through the school year. It is also an opportunity to model the Golden Rule in real life at a public event.


All youth groups in Peace Pizzazz receive a free table to display their projects, share information about their group, provide an activity or craft to the public, or to use in some other approved manor.

Up to seven minutes of stage time is also available for Peace Pizzazz youth groups.